Italian Travel Influencer Action Report 2020

ActionReport2020_finalrelease_rev4_pdf__pagina_1_di_27_I diversi cambi di algoritmo che regolano la visibilità dei contenuti social hanno condizionato in modo significativo i dati del 2019, generando un calo generale dell’engagement rate medio dei contenuti. Instagram cresce insieme a YouTube, Facebook tiene, Twitter perde qualcosa. I contenuti video funzionano molto bene nel travel, ma produrne di qualità richiede competenze e capacità artistiche specifiche.

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The Future Of Customer Experience

The Future of Customer Experience

The Future of Customer Experience

Since we’re living in an age where retail chains go bust by the score, the need for an optimal client experience is clearer than ever before. Modern technology offers many opportunities to enrich the experience even further, particularly since it’s developing at breakneck speed. What will client experience look like in, say, 4 years from now? Digital assistants everywhere, but the human touch retains its value – Siri and Cortana are samples of the digital assistants we know now: nice little smartphone tools that amuse us with hilarious conversations and the occasional surprising answer.

Nevertheless, digital assistants may have evolved considerably in the future. They’ll offer truly useful conversations and will assist us in making the right choices. Some web shops are experimenting with chatbots and wizards who try to offer real advice. By 2020, these systems may have matured and offer real and useful advice based on targeted open and closed questioning. They’ll also become a staple in mortar and brick shops. One good example of where we’re heading is Robot Pepper. This physical robot is able to initiate a conversation and assuming it’s designed to do so assist you in purchasing products suitable to your needs.

However their role will change. Robots will look after basic client care, while humans will remain indispensable for more advanced forms of advice that need a human touch. There are various samples of organizations that have subjected an excessively large part of their client care services to automation. In addition, well functioning self service facilities will become more important and will be indispensable by 2020. Including self service portals or active user communities where clients can ask their questions. Interactive shops increase shopping districts attractiveness – In 2020, mortar and brick stores will need to think even more about their relevance.

The great news is that technology offers countless opportunities to give a huge boost to the shopping experience. The only hurdle here’s creativity. That’s a good thing, because shopping should be sexy. Lets take for instance a sneaker store. The moment a client passes the store, he’ll get a personalized deal offer on his smartphone. The latest addition to his favored line of sneakers is available with 20 percent off, and in stock at this store. Once inside, he’ll explain to the digital assistant that he’s searching for a sneaker appropriate for a novice runner. When fitting the sneaker, beamers project walking exercises on the shop floor to test out some of its features. Lastly, the mirror can show him how different colours along with other varieties would look on him using augmented reality. Hyper individualization brings product and shopping experience closer to the consumer – Stores and brands will increasingly collect client data in 2020.

9 ways for marketers to make the most from twitter








Savvy online marketers know the power of Twitter traffic. Perhaps more than any other social media platform, twitter excels at sending users out from its biosphere, as the short format encourages posting links rather than details. Because of this, if you build a healthy number of followers, you can drive traffic to a destination site almost on demand.

However, that’s only half of the story. If your tweets engage your followers enough to promt a retweet, you can quickly reach an extended audience with viral speed. Naturally, this is an effect that any marketers would like to harness.

So how can you use Twitter most effectively to build followers, retweets and lucrative traffic?

  1. Scheduling Posting. In some ways, twitter is a victim of its success. It’s so busy that it’s hard for a single tweet to make an impression among the estimated half a bilion posts made daily. If a follower doesn’t see your tweet almost immediately, it’s likely gone from their timeline, along with the chance of them retweeting it or following any links it contains.If you have an important tweet,mpost it several times to catch readers in different time zones or with different schedules, ideally adding a tweak or two to make each post a little different. Many third-party Twitter apps such as Hootsuite make scheduling future posts easy, so you can just spend a few extra mionutes to deliver each one multiple times and substantially increase the scope for traffic and sharing.
  2. Be engaged. A retweet is in many ways an endorsement and is far more likely to happen if a Twitter user feels they know you on some level. You can build this sense of connection by engaging with your follower replying to their replies, asking for their opinions , and joining in the conversation. The more engagement you create, the more peolple will share your best posts, as they feel confortable associating them selves with your account.
  3. Makle connections by following. As digital marketer, you’re not typical Twitter user. In the real world of customers, people come and go, ramping up their usage from time to time, before getting bored or overwhelmed and backing off. If you  want a healty audience that can retweet your content, you need to be continually refreshing your followers. One simple but efficient way of doing this is to follow accounts related to your own and you’ll usually see the favor returned. To go the extra mile, also follow the followers of your competitors to announce your presence.
  4. Pin popular tweets. If one of your tweets proves popular adn receives a fair amount of retweets don’t let its future potential be lost deep in your timeline. Pin your best posts to your profile, so that whenever someone check out your details, they see tweets which have already shown themselves to be shareable.
  5. Retweet your own older tweets. Keep record of your most widely shared tweets esplecially ones with an evergreen flavor. From time to tome, it doesn’t hurt to retweet one of these older classics yourself, especially if you can tie them in with a trending topic in an unforced way.
  6. Comment on popular tweets. Diving into an irrelevant conversation for the sake of exposure isn’t a good look for any brand, but if you can add something of genuine value to a popular thread, then do so. If your contribution stands out, you have an excellent chance of the original posters retweeting or linking it, as well as picking up new followers from among the conversation participants.
  7. Mention others. The fastest way to get someone’s attentiton is to compliment them agree with them or otherwise appeal to their vanity while including their @accountname in your tweet. Subtle flattery will prompt a significant proportion of recipients to retweet or like your post, giving your exposure to their followers, while a sibstantial number will also follow your account in recognition of your attention.
  8. Tag user in images. You can achieve a similar effect by tagging other users in images you post. That gives you the adventage of being able to target up to 10 users at a time, but it’s atechnique that carries a distinct air of underhandedness if abused, so use with care.
  9. Retweet with relevance. Lasly, a straightforward way to increase value and relevance of your account is to regularly retweet posts whic your followers will find interesting. If you do an excellent job of this, you’ll be building a genuinely useful resource which will attract those looking for curated information. As an added benefit, you’ll also draw the attention of the accounts you retweet, providing another route toward incresing your followe count. For the dued-up marketer, Twitter offers far more value than merely being an arena for cute cat videos or a playground for flames wars. Building your follower count and encouraging retweets can generate impressive amounts of exposure; all it takes is approaching your activity with some thought and finesse. Are you making the most out of Twitter?

Some Customer Services Are Better Than Others

Customer ServiceEvery business (whether online or off) brags that superior customer service is a top priority; unfortunately, many customers would disagree. In business, the customer gets the last word and their word counts – in sales and profits.

One of the biggest myts in business is that customer service is meeting the needs of their customers or that business is hitting the bull’s eye in superior service. Surveys time and time again reveal that customers are deeply dissatisfied when it comes to customer service and that many business have not earned their loyalty.

Today’s customer is consumer-educated, informed and savvy and for some, price is not always a determinant. But, customer service is always in demand.To differentiate one’s business from another let’s meet the rising expectations of a demanding customer – let’s meet their needs and earn the sale and their loyalty.

How does business differentiate itself from the others in offering superior customer service?

It’s simple: profile your typical customer and understnd them. Then anticipate and meet their needs. It’s not rocket science – it’s just common sense.

Describe your typical customer. Put it on paper. Sometimes it helps to visualize one person, instead of a whole group of customers. Now imagine this person visiting your website, or store. Does that person spend time reading info and details? Does that person shop in certain aisles? Do they like assistant? Do they eventually buy, or not? Does tha person ask questions? What kind of questions? Does that shopper need instructions or how to’s?

How much is your average sale? How often does that customer return? Do you know what links brought that customer to your web site? Do you know what pages the customer is not visiting?

What time of the day does the customer shop?…..

Anche la musica può essere generata dall’intelligenza artificiale

Musica ed intelligenza artificiale

Musica ed intelligenza artificiale

Musical AI – Musica ed intelligenza artificiale

Anche la musica può essere generata dall’intelligenza artificiale grazie all’utilizzo dei dati …allo stesso modo in cui un musicista usa la sua esperienza maturata nel corso dei suoi studi ma il livello di creatività che possono raggiungere le macchine in queste cose è meno complesso, almeno per ora.

Di seguito tre esempi di brani editi da Jukedeck, una start up che produce e commercializza musiche generate interamente da computer.

You can’t stop the wind with your hand…but you can surf it!

How to Sell More with AI

The Future Of Sales : Artificial Intelligence (AI ) IN DIGITAL MARKETING

The Future Of Sales : Artificial Intelligence (AI ) IN DIGITAL MARKETING

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay and is rapidly becoming part of your everyday life. For example, you can find AI in cellphones, websites, televisions, and cars. So from a marketing perspective, it’s time to ask: “How can I sell more with AI?”


First, it’s important to know the purpose of AI. This can be summed up as follows:

  • To make life simpler
  • To make calculations that humans find difficult or impossible
  • To make business transactions easier and more successful

The last point is what interests us here. But how, in practical terms, can AI achieve this for you?


AI can use a vast amount of data to propose sales solutions, products, and potential customers. In other words, AI can identify your most promising leads and what they need. Such a process saves you time. It also enables you to focus your marketing efforts with greater success.

Personal and Accurate

To be more specific: AI can provide you with data about customers that is personal and accurate. You then use it to sell your products and services.

Take almost any major sales website. When you visit, the site makes personalized suggestions for purchases, based on your prior purchase data. This is an example of AI at work.


If you use AI for online sales, you can:

  • Give each visitor individual attention
  • Target your potential customers with your ads when they are surfing the internet
  • Improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and ensure more people come to your site


AI can also improve email sales campaigns.

By analyzing data, AI can help you send custom messages to specific consumer segments. In this way, you target your sales campaign more effectively.

AI Sales Assistants

You may well have experienced AI sales assistants, or chatbots. They appear on a website, engaging a customer in conversation, answering questions, and providing help. This process, in turn, improves your potential to sell.

Your Brand

Your brand is important to you and your customers. Your customers need to respect and trust it.

When you use AI to give your customers individual suggestions and help, their respect and trust in you grows. For example, they know that you are not targeting them with emails and ads randomly and thoughtlessly. Thus, AI can become an integral part of your brand development.

Competitors and Technology

It’s clear that AI can give you a marketing edge. But you need to stay abreast of the technology- it is developing fast. As it does so, cost-effective AI for different business solutions is becoming available. Ensure that you know what’s out there and what you can expect.

Analysis and Strategy

AI is an analytical tool. What’s more, it’s better than humans. And since sales analysis is a critical part of any marketing strategy, AI helps you to identify your opportunities.

Just as important, AI can provide data about your strengths and weaknesses. It enables you to improve sales and reduce wasted time and effort. So why not take a look at what others are doing with AI? Then think about the benefits that it can bring to your business.


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