9 ways for marketers to make the most from twitter








Savvy online marketers know the power of Twitter traffic. Perhaps more than any other social media platform, twitter excels at sending users out from its biosphere, as the short format encourages posting links rather than details. Because of this, if you build a healthy number of followers, you can drive traffic to a destination site almost on demand.

However, that’s only half of the story. If your tweets engage your followers enough to promt a retweet, you can quickly reach an extended audience with viral speed. Naturally, this is an effect that any marketers would like to harness.

So how can you use Twitter most effectively to build followers, retweets and lucrative traffic?

  1. Scheduling Posting. In some ways, twitter is a victim of its success. It’s so busy that it’s hard for a single tweet to make an impression among the estimated half a bilion posts made daily. If a follower doesn’t see your tweet almost immediately, it’s likely gone from their timeline, along with the chance of them retweeting it or following any links it contains.If you have an important tweet,mpost it several times to catch readers in different time zones or with different schedules, ideally adding a tweak or two to make each post a little different. Many third-party Twitter apps such as Hootsuite make scheduling future posts easy, so you can just spend a few extra mionutes to deliver each one multiple times and substantially increase the scope for traffic and sharing.
  2. Be engaged. A retweet is in many ways an endorsement and is far more likely to happen if a Twitter user feels they know you on some level. You can build this sense of connection by engaging with your follower replying to their replies, asking for their opinions , and joining in the conversation. The more engagement you create, the more peolple will share your best posts, as they feel confortable associating them selves with your account.
  3. Makle connections by following. As digital marketer, you’re not typical Twitter user. In the real world of customers, people come and go, ramping up their usage from time to time, before getting bored or overwhelmed and backing off. If you  want a healty audience that can retweet your content, you need to be continually refreshing your followers. One simple but efficient way of doing this is to follow accounts related to your own and you’ll usually see the favor returned. To go the extra mile, also follow the followers of your competitors to announce your presence.
  4. Pin popular tweets. If one of your tweets proves popular adn receives a fair amount of retweets don’t let its future potential be lost deep in your timeline. Pin your best posts to your profile, so that whenever someone check out your details, they see tweets which have already shown themselves to be shareable.
  5. Retweet your own older tweets. Keep record of your most widely shared tweets esplecially ones with an evergreen flavor. From time to tome, it doesn’t hurt to retweet one of these older classics yourself, especially if you can tie them in with a trending topic in an unforced way.
  6. Comment on popular tweets. Diving into an irrelevant conversation for the sake of exposure isn’t a good look for any brand, but if you can add something of genuine value to a popular thread, then do so. If your contribution stands out, you have an excellent chance of the original posters retweeting or linking it, as well as picking up new followers from among the conversation participants.
  7. Mention others. The fastest way to get someone’s attentiton is to compliment them agree with them or otherwise appeal to their vanity while including their @accountname in your tweet. Subtle flattery will prompt a significant proportion of recipients to retweet or like your post, giving your exposure to their followers, while a sibstantial number will also follow your account in recognition of your attention.
  8. Tag user in images. You can achieve a similar effect by tagging other users in images you post. That gives you the adventage of being able to target up to 10 users at a time, but it’s atechnique that carries a distinct air of underhandedness if abused, so use with care.
  9. Retweet with relevance. Lasly, a straightforward way to increase value and relevance of your account is to regularly retweet posts whic your followers will find interesting. If you do an excellent job of this, you’ll be building a genuinely useful resource which will attract those looking for curated information. As an added benefit, you’ll also draw the attention of the accounts you retweet, providing another route toward incresing your followe count. For the dued-up marketer, Twitter offers far more value than merely being an arena for cute cat videos or a playground for flames wars. Building your follower count and encouraging retweets can generate impressive amounts of exposure; all it takes is approaching your activity with some thought and finesse. Are you making the most out of Twitter?

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