Digital in 2017: in Italia e nel Mondo

“Digital in 2017” è il report di We Are Social e Hootsuite che raccoglie dati e insight relativi allo scenario digital, social e mobile dell’ultimo anno.

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Oggi è un giorno importante per la comprensione del comportamento delle persone nello scenario digitale, perché – come ogni anno – è arrivato il giorno in cui pubblichiamo il nostro report: Digital in 2017 è figlio della collaborazione tra We Are Social e Hootsuite, e assume un’importanza ancora maggiore rispetto al passato, visto che oggi più della metà della popolazione mondiale accede regolarmente a internet.

A corredo dei (tantissimi) dati che trovate nel report, ci sono una serie di conclusioni utili per comprendere ancora meglio che implicazioni questi hanno sui business, e sulla società in generale, e sottolineano – ancora una volta – quanto velocemente stia cambiando lo scenario, grazie a un accesso alla rete sempre più diffuso, capace di avere un impatto decisivo sulla vita delle persone.

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Essential Marketing Strategy Models: The Promotion Pyramid

Tool for structuring thinking about one of the crucial 4Ps’ of marketing: Promotion McCarthy’s 4Ps of the Marketing Mix famously highlights 4 of the most crucial elements of marketing strategy: Price, Product, Place and Promotion. There is much discussion of the …..

Tool for structuring thinking about one of the crucial 4Ps’ of marketing: Promotion

McCarthy’s 4Ps of the Marketing Mix famously highlights 4 of the most crucial elements of marketing strategy: Price, Product, Place and Promotion. There is much discussion of the relevance of the 4Ps today which we cover here, but suffice to say we think these are still key strategy considerations for businesses of all scales.

Digital Marketing tactics often focus too narrowly on the ‘Promotional’ part of the 4Ps, as digital marketers have little influence over product development or the pricing strategy.

When thinking about promotion online, digital marketers all too often try to rush into starting campaigns without properly analyzing the merits of different tactics and channels. The resulting approach wastes resources in the long run because the lack of a proper strategy across the whole approach leads to becoming rushed and resources are miss-allocated.

One useful tool for thinking about promotion is the ‘The Promotion Pyramid‘ (Evans, 2013), which breaks down promotional techniques across 3 dimensions: cash expense (to external providers), marketing/sales time required (internal staff), and breadth of audience. Different Promotion Pyramids will look different for different industries, but we’ve developed this example of a promotion pyramid which will apply to many types of B2B trade marketing themselves online. Consultants might add a 1 on 1 meeting at the top of the pyramid, and B2B businesses may add industry events in the top half. It’s important to tweak this template to your businesses individual needs where necessary.

The promotion pyramid is useful when considering how to split your digital marketing budget between broad audience advertising, which is efficient in that it uses few internal resources and takes up little sales time, but is expensive, or use sales/marketing time intensive strategies such as blogging, webinars and sales calls which require a far smaller budget, but take up a large amount of internal resources and staff time. This internal staff time obviously also comes at a considerable cost to the business, so it’s important to get the right balance and not over rely on only a few tactics. When developing your budget and strategy for 2017, use this to structure your thinking and consider if you have developed a budget which is utilizing a wide mix of different tactics which can complement each other, or if you are currently overly-focused on just one area of the promotional pyramid.

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BMW thinks holograms are the future of interfaces

You can count on BMW to introduce fascinating concepts, and many even make it into production, such as its ConnectedDrive personal assistant app. Others, like the motorcycle that balances itself so well drivers don’t need a helmet, are probably a few years off; Such is the uncertainty of showing off novel automotive designs that technology doesn’t quite support yet. But that isn’t stopping BMW from presenting another fun, who-knows-when-we’ll-get-it tech ditty at the upcoming CES 2017: The HoloActive Touch, a virtual interface for cars.

Per BMW’s description, the interface will let you control car functions with hand gestures and motions, enabling drivers to use "the visible and tangible driver-vehicle interaction familiar from conventional touchscreens." Supposedly, it will project holographic control surfaces upward from the center console at steering-wheel height, allowing the driver to interact with them using their free hand. A camera will track fingertip positions and the system emits a "pulse" when a function is activated.

BMW isn’t saying when the HoloActive Touch could be integrated into its car lines. But it did cite the concepts from CES’ past that it evolved from, like the gesture control at the 2015 show that is now available in both the BMW 7 series and 5 series and the AirTouch that debuted at last year’s. Surely the HoloActive Touch on display at CES 2017 will lend a better idea of how the whole system works before we start worrying about how a holographic system with light feedback might distract drivers far more than help them.

Via: Autoblog

Source: BMW Group

11 awesome SEO reports in Google Analytics

There are lots of great tools for helping you with SEO – from researching keywords, to understanding what your competitors are doing and reporting on your website’s movement in search results. Now I’m not saying you should stop using those tools, but you absolutely need be using Google Analytics to understand what’s actually working once people find their way to your website. And you can even use Google Analytics for additional insights to tweak your SEO and content strategy.
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Microsoft ufficializza l’acquisto di LinkedIn: presto le prime integrazioni

Microsoft acquista LinkedIn per 26 miliardi di dollari
Il social network del lavoro è appena entrato a far parte della famiglia di Microsoft.
Il via libera è arrivato e da qualche ora…


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Microsoft ufficializza l’acquisto di LinkedIn: presto le prime integrazioni pubblicato su 09 dicembre 2016 16:06.

Essential Digital Marketing Tools

To maximise conversion, an online shopping experience needs to be simple and easy for the user, secure at the point of payment and robust so as to deal with both high volumes of product and traffic. E-commerce management tools were designed for this specific purpose and have a number of features that other platforms do not.